History of Golf Balls in a Nutshell

Golf balls of today are very different from what they were when first created and used. The first recorded golf balls go as far back as the 14th century. Back then, the balls were constructed from hardwoods with box and beech trees as the most common. These hardwood balls were used from 14th to 17th century.

It was around this era too that another version of balls was created for golf. Often painted white, the balls were round leather pouches filled with goose or chicken feathers and stitched close by hand. The feathers used were boiled beforehand to soften. The measurement for how many feathers to place were based on how many feathers were needed to fill one top hat of a gentleman. This version of the golf ball was called a featherie or feathery.

The major problem with feathers was the wearisome, time-consuming procedure involved in making one. Because of this, a single ball is cost around two to 5 shillings, which is equivalent to 10 to 20 US dollars of today. Another issue with the featherie was the difficulty of turning the pouches into a flawlessly spherical ball; most of the featheries created were irregular, affecting the performance of the players. Moreover, the featherie has a tendency to split open when hit or upon impact on the ground when it becomes too wet. However, until the 19th century, the featherie was chosen over the wooden balls, as it was a better alternative for golf.

Into the 19th century, a new version was created as the featherie became too tedious to make and use. A doctor Robert Adams Patterson created the gutta-percha ball in 1948, which would immediately replace the featherie. The gutta-percha ball, or guttie for short, was made of dried sap extracted from the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. With its texture similar to rubber, the sap was heated then made round using a mould. This method was simpler and less costly, making it easier to mass-produce. The balls could also be remoulded when they lose their round shapes due to over-use or damage.

Golf players back then also commented on the guttie having better aerodynamic qualities, making it the preferred balls of the players. Over time, people also realize that the incisions on the guttie made the ball flight more consistent, as compared to a perfectly smooth guttie. Guttie makers considered this observation and started manufacturing versions of gutties with bumps.

The next version of golf was created by accident in 1898 when Coburn Haskell wound a rubber thread around a golf ball. The new creation was considered as the 20th century wound golf ball while the design was called the rubber Haskell golf balls. Manufacturers of wound golf ball choose between having solid a liquid-filled or spherical core. A layer of rubber threads was then wounded into the core. The final layer was a cover made of thin exterior shell; the material used for the shell was the balata sap from the Balata tree found in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

golf ballsIt was later discovered that the ball would have better flight, spin and trajectory when the bumps were replaced by grooves on the surface. It was around early 1900 when they inverted the bumps and produced dimpled golf balls. With the innovation, players soon realized that they could add a backspin to the flight of the ball with lofted golf clubs. Manufacturers took advantage of this situation and started designing golf balls with varying groove patterns, to discover the best design that improves the spin, trajectory, flight length, and overall performance of these dimpled wound balls.

Finally, in 1967, a patent made by Jim Bartsch proposed the development of a chemical resin to make the center of the golf ball more solid. Called the “Executive” model, the patent was bought and implemented by Spalding. The patent prove to be successful making this company the first manufacturing firm to produce the world’s first solid golf ball.

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Advantages of Having Good Employee Engagement

The usual work setting nowadays involves working for eight hours a day, five days a week – excluding holidays. That means employees see their co-employees for at least five times a week. If there are good relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a delight. But if there are bad relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a disaster. This example alone highlights the importance of having good employee engagement.

It is a very important part in employees’ lives, because they will experience it for a majority of their lifetime. Compared to unengaged employees, engaged employees are generally better. Engaged employees work better, faster, and more efficiently. They are more productive compared to unengaged employees. Having said all these, having engaged employees has advantages, and here are some of them:

Engaged employees work faster compared to unengaged employees. Because of this, there will be more work done by engaged employees. More work done amounts to more profit earned. And more profit earned results to happier employees. This cycle will go on and on. Having a good employee engagement helps maintain this cycle. Having it ensures that employees stay motivated to accomplish their goals, which are in line with the company’s goals.

Employee engagementThis is a form of a mutualistic type of relationship, wherein both parties acquire and enjoy benefits: The employees will be happier and earn more money, while the company makes more money as well. If this situation is reached, it is a sign that a harmonious working environment is present, and employees are motivated enough to work for other people. This is the best scenario that can be achieved by the management.

Having good employee engagement also means that the leaders of the company are well trained, thus assuring that the company will not fail and will not be mismanaged. Having the advantage of good leadership is essential in today’s society because it ensures survival and stability. Employees need not fear that they will be unnecessarily laid off because of labor situations. Company stability ensures employees that they will continue to earn money, just as long as they do their job very well, without compromising the goals of the company.

They will only think of how to do their best to continue to earn money for their families. With this, they can place the majority of their attention on doing their work properly, producing quality output, and making money. Again, this is beneficial both to the employee and to the company. The company maintains its integrity – providing work opportunities for employees, all while earning money.

Finally, having good employee engagement produces less stress on all parties involved. Stress is a major killer of people (and productivity) nowadays, because it can lead to more serious physical conditions. Having less stress results to a more physically healthy body. This works because having good employee engagement means fewer arguments between bosses and employees, as well as having a great working environment. Nobody wants to have additional stress. People’s lives are difficult enough, that to make it more difficult is considered to be suicidal.

Everybody wants to have fewer problems than they currently have, and getting lesser amounts of stress helps in that case. Having fewer problems means more energy could be directed in making quality work, and maintaining sound interpersonal interactions. Fewer stress leads to fewer problems. Fewer problems lead to better health. Better health leads to better work. Better work leads to more money, and more money means happiness both to the company and to the employees. And in this situation, everybody benefits, and everybody wins.

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Important Facts About Live Chat Software

The popularity of live chat has been dramatically increasing among online shoppers in the past years. At present, the majority of buyers online expects to find a live chat software on a website. However, the best benefit you can get from this software is the real time live chat assistance that this tool can provide.

Adding a live chat tool will result not just in higher customer satisfaction level and generating more sales but will likewise facilitate your business customer care workflow and reduce the costs of operation.

This article shows the important facts concerning live chat tool, what are the benefits that can be noticed if a live chat tool is being used effectively in your customer service cycle, and the advantages for businesses.

Live Chat Software Provides a Complete Look to Your Online Business

The use of live chat in online businesses has become very popular. Be it for health, travel, real estate, education or any other online business, live chat has become a part of every business website. An online shopping with online support software is considered more reliable and credible. The visibility of a chat button makes your website more appealing and livelier to your customers.

Live chat benefits are not only restricted on how your online store look; rather it makes your online customer service jobs much simpler. With the help of the live chat tool, you will be a step ahead of your competitors by providing an excellent customer experience. Check out how live chat tool does wonders in completing your online stores.

Provides the Need of Sales Persons and Virtual Receptionist

Each time a potential customer enters the walk-in shop, a sales personnel or receptionist will approach him and attend to his needs. The sales personnel will guide him and give details about different products and likewise help him decide. In the same way, if you visit an online retailer, the potential clients want someone real who could provide assistance with their online purchase process.

Live chat software in an e-shop allows agents to attend to every possible client and help them with their purchases. The live support agents can either start a proactive text-based conversation with their clients, or the customers themselves can start a chat session each time they need help.

Manages Complaints and Issues

chat softwareComplaints and issues are part of every business. Difficulties in your customer service tasks and complaints from your clients will not affect your business, as long as you know how to deal with them professionally and efficiently. You need to have the appropriate online system to deal with the incoming queries and complaints. Live chat software for your online business provides you the best complaint management system.

You don’t have to go through the difficulties of lining up complaints and provide solution one by one because the live chat enables your chat personnel to solve your customer’s complaints right away.

Systematize Your Customer Service Tasks 

To deliver an enhanced customer experience, you need to manage your customer service tasks appropriately. Using live chat on your online business can help you handle your tasks in a more professional and efficient way. You can manage when and how to send a chat invitation to your online clients. To make sure a fast and error-free service was provided, you can train your chat personnels on how to provide more accurate answers to your clients.

Online support system lets your chat agents to escalate chat to a live personnel who could provide the most essential and satisfactory answer to your potential customers.

It is right to say that live chat software completes your online store by systematizing your online customer service tasks.

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Cycling Through The Many Changes Search Engines Push Without Notice – SEO Services Help

When it comes to the world of marketing, you’re going to run into a variety of different issues overall. There’s no real way to get moving forward without understanding that the world of optimization has changed completely. There was a time when you could go through easy positions within the world of optimization and traffic generation, but that is not going to help you any longer. The past options are now gone and if you’re working within the DIY world of this type of work, you will end up losing out straightway.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are not going to want to hire SEO services, and it’s mainly because of the proliferation of information that is online. When it comes to finding out about any of the number of options that abound within the world of SEO as a whole, you’re going to find that there are a lot of bits and pieces that can cause a great deal of turmoil overall. There’s just no way to gain leverage within the world of marketing today, without having a professional come in and work within several different elements.

The Changes Come Faster Than Ever

SEOChanges to search engine algorithms used to be quiet. They were quietly layered throughout a variety of different moments overall and they would build panic amongst those that saw them. You would find yourself and others panicking as a result of the changes that were publicized most often, and that’s not a good thing. When you’re panicking or scrambling to fix or updating optimization strategies, you are going to make a mistake. When mistakes are made, the changes really start to cause issues.

The biggest issue that people have to deal with as a whole is in regards to the penalties that come through as a result of marketing collateral. When you do something that is outside of the framework of the right elements, you will end up losing market share completely. In fact, many companies have seen their sites plummet into a whole new spatial plane online. When your traffic declines in a spike, you know something is wrong, and that’s what the changes are doing.

The Flip Flop

Perhaps one of the worst issues that you are going to have to deal with when it comes to the world of marketing as a whole is the fact that you will find changes are hard to deal with in regards to what search engines actually want from marketers. At one point search engines wanted many sites to start working within the world of link generation. The more dominant your link portfolio was, the more it would get listed within the parameters of search engines. That soon changed and now you have to work with only specialized types of links.

Then a few months later, search engines changed their minds a gain and decided to only allow certain elements to work within the world of marketing. At the end of the day, marketers were baffled as to what they needed to do in order to gain leverage within the world of marketing today. Links don’t work the same way they once did, and while you could’ve purchased your way to the top of the search engines, today you’re going to have to work within a lot of different parameters moving forward.

Finding Common Ground

There is a way to find a way into search engines and still gain leverage with the past elements. The past elements can still get you indexed properly within search engines. However, you will need to hire SEO services that know how to divide the implementation of each individual component. The more you do that, the higher the likelihood will be that you will be able to gain marketing collateral in a lot of different ways. You’ll find that this is a good thing, because you need to work through a lot of different elements of marketing in order to get on top of the common ground needed to get through the competition that will no doubt line up to try and snuff out your influence.

Finding a common ground with others is as easy as looking at what competitors are doing and then emulating their options and reach. If they are publishing a great deal of tutorials, you can do the same, but from your perspective, and so on. The key here is to make sure that you’re falling in line with what your industry and niche is doing and then leveraging the content and examples moving forward within the right measurements.

Never Fear Changes

At the end of the day, it’s important to never fear the changes that are going to come through the world of internet marketing. Some people fear that they are going to be left out of indexes because they are not working within the right parameters, and that’s not true. You will find that you can definitely gain leverage moving forward, but it’s going to take a lot of time and patience. Take your time, allow for the saturation of SEO to go through and work within the world of internet marketing as a whole and you’ll see good things come through.

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Reasons You Do Not Need To Obsess Over Keywords For SEO

Go to any major website on the subject of search engine optimization and they will continually tell you to look into keyword options. They will even tell you to bank your whole internet marketing plan surrounding certain words and phrases. While that is a good idea, it is not the whole picture. Some people forget that marketing online requires a lot of different branches. If you want to truly succeed, you are going to have to take on more than just a few words that you find online, and promote them. You will need to look into the online world with new eyes, and completely change your promotional considerations.

There are a few reasons you may not want to obsess over words so much, and it can shine light on what you and many other small business owners are doing. The following are just a few reasons to reconsider your stance on keywords for SEO.

Heavy Competition on Single and Two Word Phrases

No matter what industry you’re in, you will get hit with heavy competition on single search phrases. For instance, let’s assume that you wanted to open an online furniture shop. The competitive words of “furniture”, “furnishings”, and the likes will be you against millions. That is going to not only waste a lot of time and content for you, but it will prove ineffective when battling the budgets of larger corporations. If you want to tackle the top companies in your industry, that’s a noble goal, but you will need to do it slowly, and without fighting for 1 or 2 words. You’ll need to think bigger, and narrower in terms of terms.

Long Keyword Phrases

KeywordThe average web user is not searching one or two words alone. That’s the one caveat to working with search engine optimization at times. People are searching for long tail keywords, and that means you will need to halt fighting for the petty offerings of high competition phrases. Think of answer the questions of potential clients with whatever you’re promoting, and you will start to narrow things down a lot better. It’s when you think about others that you will start to see a greater purpose in your marketing efforts, and that’s where traffic generation will start to manifest. The longer the keyword phrase, the less competition will play a role, and the higher the targeted traffic will come to your site alone.

The Bigger Picture of Internet Marketing

Let’s not think about word phrases for marketing, and think of the bigger picture. The ultimate goal of internet marketing today is to make sure that traffic flows to any given website. If that’s the case, then haggling over the right words to proliferate articles with is not a good thing. Instead, look at other components in conjunction with this. For instance, you could start working with social media, or start working with blogging software. There’s a number of elements that go into search engine optimization and online promotions. Without all the elements working together, you may find that the return on your investments could be stifled severely.

Traffic generation is not one sided. You do not need to be obsessed with choosing the right words all the time. Creating content that is fluid is better, especially in light of the recent algorithm changes that have taken place in modern search results. If you can compile 100% unique, new content, you will not only see huge gains, but your site could in fact stand the test of time. It’s that sort of compelling information that is getting so many people pushing past just trying to find the right set of phrases, and building quality sites with SEO at the helm.